Saturday, January 24, 2015


For the 1-2 of you who stumbled in from Google or the movie blog, welcome.  The site looks sucky now, but the layout's probably going to change if I feel like changing it.  I'm mostly planning to use this diary blog to discuss the more obscure wrestling that I see, so no Royal Rumble reviews and certainly no Dean Ambrose slash fiction is on the way.  Try Tumblr instead!  

One other thing.  I use star ratings when I write about movies, so I see no reason to not use them for wrestling.  But these aren't workrate star ratings or whatever.  I don't really get how just doing a lot of moves necessarily equates to a good match.  So my ratings are going to reflect how entertaining/compelling/whatever I felt the match was.  Anything ***1/2 and up is probably worth seeing.  A **** match would be the Blair Witch Project of wrestling matches, if that helps.  

This blog has a long-winded name and it's derived from this movie.  It's fucking amazing.  Specifically the line "His theories of wrestling have been published in all the peer-reviewed journals!"  

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